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Case Analysis

In light of your understanding of the civil and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, consider the following scenario:

Pete was seriously injured when the four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (ATV) he was driving through the trails behind his house rolled over. As a result of his injuries, Pete is unable to work and has incurred $75,000 in medical bills. Pete has filed a lawsuit against the ATV manufacturer to receive compensation for the financial harm resulting from his injuries. Pete claims that the manufacturer defectively designed the ATV, causing it to have a tendency to roll over on rough terrain.

The ATV manufacturer claims that the ATV is not defectively designed and that the rollover was caused by Pete driving at an excessive rate of speed around a corner.

Consider the steps in civil litigation and ADR, and assess the factors that Pete and the ATV manufacturer will consider when deciding whether they should settle this lawsuit. If you were Pete’s lawyer, what resolution would you advise? Be sure to consider the primary forms of ADR and all ADR factors described in the lesson and textbook.

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BBA 3210, Business Law 2

Finally, research and select at least one case from an outside source to support your resolution to the ATV case. Your answer should be a minimum of 500 words. Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from these sources. Use APA format to properly reference your information.

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HRMN 495 Assignment two PPt management homework help

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World Trade Organisation WTO business and finance homework help

Highlight the roles of the following institutions which facilitate international purchasing.

a)World Trade Organisation(WTO)

b)International Chamber of commerce(ICC)

c)World Bank(WB)

d)International Monetery Fund(IMF)

Ethical Considerations Project health and medicine homework help

Essay Requirements:

You are to complete a 1-2 page (12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced) issue analysis that answers the following questions:

  1. What are the ethical considerations of this issue?
  1. What are the legal considerations of this issue?
  1. What ethical concepts and principles apply to this issue?
  1. If you were a judge in the Brownfield v. Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital case, would you agree with the other judge’s decisions? How would you justify this decision to the hospital or the rape victims?

Your submission is to be a formal, multi-paragraphed essay. While citations and sources are not required for this paper, if you borrow any information as supporting details, they must be cited in proper APA format.

How combining functions Can be important to business Algebra homework help

Refer to the information on page 404 to explain how combining functions can 
be important to business. Describe how to write a new function that represents the profit, using 
the revenue and cost functions. What are the benefits of combining two functions into one 

Case Study: Mrs. J.

Evaluate the Health History and Medical Information for Mrs. J., presented below.Based on this information, formulate a conclusion based on your evaluation, and complete the Critical Thinking Essay assignment, as instructed below.Health History and Medical InformationHealth HistoryMrs. J. is a 63-year-old married woman who has a history of hypertension, chronic heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Despite requiring 2L of oxygen/nasal cannula at home during activity, she continues to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and has done so for 40 years. Three days ago, she had sudden onset of flu-like symptoms including fever, productive cough, nausea, and malaise. Over the past 3 days, she has been unable to perform ADLs and has required assistance in walking short distances. She has not taken her antihypertensive medications or medications to control her heart failure for 3 days. Today, she has been admitted to the hospital ICU with acute decompensated heart failure and acute exacerbation of COPD.Subjective DataIs very anxious and asks whether she is going to die.Denies pain but says she feels like she cannot get enough air.Says her heart feels like it is “running away.”Reports that she is exhausted and cannot eat or drink by herself.Objective DataHeight 175 cm; Weight 95.5kg.Vital signs: T 37.6C, HR 118 and irregular, RR 34, BP 90/58.Cardiovascular: Distant S1, S2, S3 present; PMI at sixth ICS and faint: all peripheral pulses are 1+; bilateral jugular vein distention; initial cardiac monitoring indicates a ventricular rate of 132 and atrial fibrillation.Respiratory: Pulmonary crackles; decreased breath sounds right lower lobe; coughing frothy blood-tinged sputum; SpO2 82%.Gastrointestinal: BS present: hepatomegaly 4cm below costal margin.InterventionThe following medications administered through drug therapy control her symptoms:IV furosemide (Lasix)Enalapril (Vasotec)Metoprolol (Lopressor)IV morphine sulphate (Morphine)Inhaled short-acting bronchodilator (ProAir HFA)Inhaled corticosteroid (Flovent HFA)Oxygen delivered at 2L/ NCCritical Thinking EssayIn 750-1,000 words, critically evaluate Mrs. J.’s situation. Include the following:Describe the clinical manifestations present in Mrs. J.Discuss whether the nursing interventions at the time of her admissions were appropriate for Mrs. J. and explain the rationale for each of the medications listed.Describe four cardiovascular conditions that may lead to heart failure and what can be done in the form of medical/nursing interventions to prevent the development of heart failure in each condition.Taking into consideration the fact that most mature adults take at least six prescription medications, discuss four nursing interventions that can help prevent problems caused by multiple drug interactions in older patients. Provide a rationale for each of the interventions you recommend.Provide a health promotion and restoration teaching plan for Mrs. J., including multidisciplinary resources for rehabilitation and any modifications that may be needed. Explain how the rehabilitation resources and modifications will assist the patients’ transition to independence.Describe a method for providing education for Mrs. J. regarding medications that need to be maintained to prevent future hospital admission. Provide rationale.Outline COPD triggers that can increase exacerbation frequency, resulting in return visits. Considering Mrs. J.’s current and long-term tobacco use, discuss what options for smoking cessation should be offered.You are required to cite to a minimum of two sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and relevant to nursing practice.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to sub

How does a typeface create a mood feeling or image graphic design help

1.  How does a typeface create a mood, feeling or image? Describe an instance when you had a particular reaction to something in print, not because of the content, but because of the typeface? Explain “why” you think you had that reaction.

2.  In HELVETICA, design writer Richard Poynor says, “The designer has an enormous responsibility” as the person who is “putting wires into our heads.” What does he mean? How would you define that responsibility?

3.  Think of the font you most commonly use when working on your computer. Which one is it and “why” do you use that one?

4.  American designer David Carson says, “Don’t confuse legibility with communication.” What does he mean? What’s the difference between them?

5.  How does politics affect the art of design? Or, how does design affect politics? Describe a contemporary or historical instance of design reflecting or influencing politics.

6.  What is your reaction to the grunge styleof type and design? “Why” do you think you respond to it that way?

7.  Imagine that the post office, your local bank or other government or corporate entity whose signage is familiar to you started using a different typeface. Fully describe ow would that change their image or your feeling about that business or organization? Fully describe.

8.  What might you take away from this film in terms of possible effects on your design work or other aspects of your daily life?

9.  What changes, if any, has this film made in how you think about print and graphic design?

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