NG Tube Placement And Enteral Nutrition

In-class Questions: Week 4 – NG Tube Placement and Enteral Nutrition


NG Tube Placement

· What is an NG tube?

· What are the 2 major actions that an NG tube facilitates?

· In what clinical situations might an NG tube be ordered?

· In what clinical situations should you question an order to place an NG tube?

· What does the order NPO indicate?

· What is the standard, evidence-based practice for verifying NG tube placement?

· What assessment(s) should you make before placing an NG tube? (measure length, assess nasal patency)

· What three points are used to measure NG tube length to be inserted?

· What position should the client be placed in for NG tube insertion?

· How should the nurse instruct the patient to help as the NG tube is inserted? (sip water and swallow)

· What

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