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Please find TWO recent (nothing earlier than June 2019, and preferably very recent) news stories For each story, either paste the link or write the title of the article (you do not need to write a formal bibliography), and then provide no more than three paragraphs (and preferably just one to two) on how the article related to the finance system. You can also add some additional information ( The stories should cover different topics: in other words, do not send me two stories on the bond market.

Some links :

Model Article : I googled IPO in Google search and clicked on News. First article I saw is “Schaeffler Plans IPO to

Cut Debt, Said to Raise $3.4 Billion” from Bloomberg. This German company is planning to conduct an initial

public offering (IPO) this year in an effort to raise 3 billion euros. I learned in class that this is a primary market

transaction in which the corporation will receive the funds raised to finance projects. However, the motivation

for this IPO is to reduce debt that the firm incurred when it purchased a stake in Continental AG during the

credit crunch. The capital raised through an IPO is to be used to pay down the outstanding debt, which totaled

6.24 billion euros. What I find interesting in the article is that the company is also planning to start paying

dividends. Even if the debt is paid down, the interest liability remains and additionally 25% to 35% of the net

income is planned to be distributed to the shareholders. Is it a financially sound strategy? Will this company be

able to continue to pay down the debt and also have funds to finance future growth?

Link to the article:


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