write an interview reflection

Teacher requir us to do interview with someone(Find the person in Linkedln) via phone or in person,(I would say just find an person in Lekdln who is an HR and imagine have an interview with him/her) write a brief reflection paper (2 pages) using the outline below(! I’m an internation student from china )

Introduction / Overview (Who did you talk to and why?)

Briefly describe the job or industry you’re interested in, who you chose to interview, and why. Include a brief overview of the steps you took and how you set up the interview. In this section, include the individual’s name, job title, and employer, and college/university attended. If you have some connection to the individual, i.e. through family, friends, school, or you met at an SNHU event, include that information.

Summary and Highlights (What did you learn?)

Include a summary of the questions you asked and the interviewee’s responses in your reflection. Summarize and highlight at least 6-8 questions/and the responses that stood out to you. If the individual provided you with follow-up actions or suggestions, include those in this section.

Reactions and Conclusions (How are you going to use this information to help you achieve your professional goals?)

Include your reactions to the interview (the following questions are a guide for you to consider): What did you learn? What insights shared are the most valuable to you? Having done the interview, how do you feel about your options after SNHU? Do you still want to pursue a similar career to that of the individual? What steps can you take after the interview to work toward your professional goal(s)? How has the interview impacted your decision-making process?

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