Write about an intense argument you have witnessed in your life english assignment help

 Think about an intense argument you had or witnessed sometime in your life. Remember every detail. To turn this into a dramatic scene you will need to make changes that will make it make more sense to the audience. Escalate the argument to build the intensity. When you write dialogue, remember dialogue is not chit chat, everything sentence must reveal something about the character or move the plot forward. 

Assignment requirements:

  • 500-600 words
  • A description of the set up that explains what happened before the scene
  • Diction that matches the characters
  • Character objectives and obstacles are clearly conveyed
  • A scene that escalates in dramatic intensity
  • Words that are not wasted in idle chit chat
  • Action (stage directions) that enhance the scene
  • Proper formatting for drama

Fill out the chart below to help 

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