write a systematic review paper 1

My topic: Effect of music on exercise performance (heart rate and rating of perceived exertion)

Final Manuscript Requirements Checklist

  • Title of 18 or less words
  • Abstract of ~250 words: Must include purpose, methods, results, and conclusion
  • Introduction: At least 3 paragraphs, last paragraph should include a problem and purpose statement, paragraphs should be well organized
  • Methodology: Lit search strategy, inclusion/exclusion criteria, no meta-analysis procedures.
  • Results: Table 1 will consist of your literature review table prepared for the studies included in your meta-analysis. Table should follow all formatting rules discussed in class. You must have numerical dependent variable data. Use a symbol to denote if there were statistical differences for your results as determined by the original study. Add one extra column and calculate the effect sizes for each study. There will be no meta-analysis to determine an overall effect size based on all of your studies, but I want you take average your effect sizes for all studies and average all your effect sizes based on studies separated by a moderator variables. Report the overall and average effect sizes by moderator in your results section. Use this information when writing your discussion.
  • Discussion: 3-5 paragraphs with clear organization
  • Conclusion: 1 paragraph with take home message and no citations
  • References (must have at least 10 original, not review, articles cited) I do not care which style of formatting you use in the bibliography but it must be consistent. All in text references should be author-year format (for example: Up to 47% of high students reported vaping in the previous year. (Jones, 2018)).
  • These article list below must include in the paper, please add more to meet the requirements.
  • Anuprita. M.T. (2013) Effect of different types of music on exercise performance in normal individuals.
  • Aran. T. (2013) Effect of music on anaerobic exercise performance.
  • Nicola. A.S. (2008) Effect of music on submaximal cycling.
  • Avinash. E.T. (2017) Effect of music tempo on exercise performance and heart rate among young adults.
  • FAM Almeida (2015) Effect of musical tempo on physiological, affective, and perceptual variables and performance of self-selected walking pace.
  • Priscila. M.N. (2010) Effects of preferred and nonpreferred music on continuous cycling exercise performance.
  • Dave. E. (2005) The effect of motivational music on sub-maximal exercise.
  • Judy. E. (2006) The effects of music tempo and loudness level on treadmill exercise.

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