write a lab report based on the provided data and do the data analysis

Introduction: Sea turtles are platforms for marine invertebrates called epibionts. We don’t know why they attach to the turtles the way they do, but my research team is studying the marine biodiversity carried by sea turtles. The data set I am sharing with you examines turtles sampled on the gulf side of Florida (Casey Key). The epibionts were collected either just before we attached a transmitter (to study their movement), or sampled after the oil spill. Some samples were removed from sick turtles found stranded. Your job is to look at the recorded biodiversity, and explain if biodiversity is impacted by ecological events like oil spills, or animal health. Decide if the Shannon Index or Simpson Biodiversity index is better (and explain why in methods and materials).

Use either Shannon index or Simpson biodiversity index to analyize the data. please follow the attached guidelines for the lab report down below. come up with background information and us the hypothesis that “Oil spill affects the biodiversity of epibionts”. use the data provided to support the argument. also do the data analysis and provide the graph explaining. use one more primary literature other than the one attached below “diversityindexNagendra 2002” for data analysis interpret a P value.

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