write a Complete BIBLIOGRAPHIC Entry English homework help

IMPORTANT GUIDELINE : -MLA STYLE 1 – Write a complete BIBLIOGRAPHIC entry at the top of your paragraph. Flush left, do not center. Remember that the second line of the bibliographic entry should be indented . 2- In the first sentence, identify the source being summarized and its author 3-state, usually to complete the first sentence, The author’s main ideas ( Use verbs such as “Argues,” “Asserts,” Suggest,” and/or “lists” 4- state in a simple sentence the first major point in support of the author’s main idea 5- include any explanation or clarification necessary to preserve the author’s meaning ^ Pls follow the guideline if something miss ill take F D: – Use a simple Voc. am international student and this is my first semester and her eyes on me D: I hope you do well my friend <3 ————————– this is the first one just summarize the first part History of the FIFA World Cup https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_FIFA_World_Cup —————————- the second one summarize the whole articles please : http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/round=255959/match=300186501/match-report.html

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