write 3 page paper on your choice of literature in description

Choose one of the options listed below to write a three-page essay analyzing a work of early American literature – use and incorporate literary scholarship and criticism to support your argument/analysis.

1. Discuss the concepts of Puritanism and illustrate their significance in one of the following works:

A. The Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson – Mary Rowlandson

B. “The Trial of Bridget Bishop” – Cotton Mather

C. “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” – Jonathan Edwards

D. Two of Anne Bradstreet’s poems listed on the syllabus 2. Define irony and explain how Benjamin Franklin uses irony to mock gender inequality, early American laws, and the court system throughout his famous satire, “The Speech of Polly Baker.”

3. Discuss the concepts of the American Revolutionary War and illustrate their significance in one of the following works: A. Common Sense – Thomas Paine B. The American Crisis – Thomas Paine.

Sources: At least two (2) critical sources from Calhoun’s library, as well as the text itself, must be cited in the body of your paper and documented on a separate Works Cited page in accordance with the MLA style format. Library’s database: https://calhoun.edu/library/ Person: Third Person Only (they, he, she, it) DO NOT USE FIRST OR SECOND PERSON! Length: 3 page minimum (This does not mean 2 ½ pages) Tense: In referring to events that occur within the context of the work of literature, your essay should consistently use present tense verbs. Format: Your essay must be typed, double spaced, and follow MLA format. In addition to the essay, you must submit a Works Cited page. Avoid contractions, slang, clichés, etc. All essays will be scanned for plagiarism using the software, SafeAssign. Please review the syllabus for information about plagiarism.

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