Women Crime and Criminal Justice law homework help

(3a) Women in today’s job market have certain expectations based on law and policies. Some of these expectations include not being harassed or sexually exploited, to be treated fairly, and receive equal pay for an equal job. In the career path of law enforcement, a woman often sets aside these expectations if she chooses to pursue this type of employment.

Please respond to the following prompts:

    • Do a web search for employment in your ( Colorado USA) area of the country in law enforcement positions. Please focus on policing or other frontline enforcement work rather than corrections. What are the job requirements? Education? Height? Weight? Age? Are there any other requirements that you see as being job-specific to policing?
    • After reviewing the job postings and requirements, do you see any areas that might be prone to potential gender or sexual discrimination? How would the requirements affect a single mother? How would the issues of pregnancy affect the situation? No plagiarism. Add your references.
    • Thank you

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