Why did you choose this particular middle range theory

1. Select a clinical nurse practice situation where you provided exemplary best nursing practice which is applicable to one of the middle range theories and write a brief synopsis in the form of a case study. a. Do not use actual patient names or names of institutions(Confidentiality). b. Create pseudonyms to hide the real identities of patients and or your institution (Example: JT or Locsin Hospital) 2. Select a middle range theory from the textbook (you have several to choose from: See week 8) a. Explain some of the theorists key concepts which relate to your case study 3. Explain how the middle range theory provided insight to direct your delivery of care 4. Why did you choose this particular middle range theory 5. Critically examine how this middle range theory can be used for future practice situations e. How can this theory be used to promote evidenced-based practices and/or guide Evidenced based Research 6.

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