Why Are Stories Special?

Observation a kindergarten kids name Ryder, this session is for writing. We have read him the book called ‘ my first day at school’ by Smith,Rosie., after reading we asked him to build a timeline for himself and show whats he’s daily routine. This activity can help him with writing, have the ability to express himself. we have used a piece of paper and made a small book to let him write or draw in the small book. what you need to do is complete the template of a recording session sheet, full instruction are in the document. this recording session its a review for Ryder’s writing knowledge. Observation sheet have recorded down what he did during the session. Read through points in RED ! You may left out the outcomes section sample work may help you to understand MUST USED REQUIRED READINGS IN REFLECTION 250WORDS REFLECTION MUST USED REQUIRED READINGS ! You can choose three Hammond, J. (1990). Is learning to read and write the same as learning to speak? In F. Christie (Ed.), Literacy for a changing world (pp. 26–53). Australian Council for Educational Research. Hammond, J. (2001). Scaffolding oral language: ‘The Hungry Giant’ retold. Scaffolding teaching and learning in language and literacy education. (pp. 52–59). PETA Heath, S. B. (1982). What no bedtime story means: Narrative skills at home and school. Language in Society, 11(1), 49–76. doi:10.1017/S0047404500009039 Hertzberg, M. (2012). Focus on reading. In Teaching English language learners in mainstream classes (pp. 76–107). Marrickville Metro, N.S.W: Primary English Teaching Association Australia Luke, A. (1994). The social construction of literacy in the primary school. South Melbourne: Macmillan Education Australia. Meek, M. (1991). Why Are Stories Special? In On Being Literate (pp. 100–123). Bodley Head Spence, B. (2004). Reading aloud to children. PEN, 146 Clay, M. M. (1991b). Problem Solving Using Information of More than One Kind. In Becoming Literate?: The Construction of Inner Control (pp. 156–175). Heinemann

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