Who s Who Among American High School Students writing homework help


You will write an autobiographical entry for Who’s Who Among American High School Students.




Readers of Who’s Who 


You have been contacted by the publishers of Who’s Who Among American High School Students. They would like to include you in the upcoming edition. They have requested that you write your own entry.  It must include two paragraphs. In the first, they would like you to include general information like schools attended, favorite subject, best hangout, hobbies, interests, clubs or community involvement, and anything else that would be of interest. The second paragraph is to be a dedication to a person who has been a great influence in your life – a kind of thank you/shout out to someone special. Give enough details about what this person had done for you, so they really understand how much you appreciate them. Be sure to include a picture of yourself, so your audience will have a more personal connection with your piece. You will be graded on layout, detail, style, and sincerity. 

Product or Performance:

You will upload your entry to the forum where we can all comment on your autobiography. 

Standards for Success:

A successful project will: 

  • have a layout that is aesthetically pleasing. 
  • give enough information to provided a well-rounded representation of your social, cultural, and scholastic interests
  • have a dedication that is sincere, detailed, and written with enough depth to convey a sense of appreciation appropriate to the purpose
  • include an image of you.

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