Which of the following is NOT a high performance work practice?

Promotion-from-within policies must ____, coupled with a company philosophy that permits employees to consider available opportunities within the organization.
A. comply with all state laws
B. respect seniority position
C. receive strong top management support
D. anticipate training needs

For the last 6 years, Mega Big Box Stores has utilized programmers at its headquarters to maintain its online retail operation. As the size of the online business grew, Mega changed the status of the programmers who maintain the website from employees to contractors. For the past 3 years all new programmers brought on board have signed documents classifying them as independent contractors. Some of the programmers brought a court case regarding their status and got a verdict that they were misclassified.
A. The Internal Revue Service (IRS) can hold Mega liable for its share of Social Security (FICA), and federal unemployment compensation (FUTA) taxes that it did not withhold from the programmers’ compensation.
B. The IRS can subject Mega to an additional penalty equal to 20 percent of the FICA that should have been withheld, plus. 1.5 percent of the wages received by the employees.
C. Mega may be found liable for accrued but unpaid benefits under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).
D. All of the above

Sally Landon is employed by Kent Electronics, Inc. in its London facility. Kent Electronics, Inc. is a U.S. corporation. Sally is not a U.S. citizen. Sally’s job was eliminated in a recent reduction in force. She noticed that only women were laid off. She contacted EEOC in Washington, D.C. to file a claim for discrimination.
A. Sally’s claim will be investigated by EEOC.
B. Sally’s claim cannot be filed with EEOC because the discrimination did not occur in the United States.
C. Sally’s claim cannot be filed with EEOC because she is not a U.S. citizen and she does not live in the United States.
D. Sally’s claim will be investigated by EEOC, but not all remedies available to U.S. citizens will be available to Sally.

Weber has been arrested four times for, and convicted twice of fraud. He is hired as a teller by Port Alice State Bank. He consistently underpays customers making large withdrawals, and keeps the unpaid funds for himself. When a customer attempts later to recover her unpaid funds from Weber, she discovers that Weber has disappeared. Port Alice State Bank will
A. not incur liability since it is not liable for the crimes of its employees.
B. not incur liability since it will be unable to recover from the now absent Weber.
C. be liable to the customer only if it can be shown that the bank had knowledge of Weber’s past.
D. be liable to the customer, because it has negligently hired a thief.

Which of the following is NOT a high performance work practice?
A. Flat organizational structures.
B. Use of contingent workers.
C. Rigorous staffing and performance management practices.
D. All of the above are high performance work practices.

The relationship between state, city, and county laws regarding criminal records and hiring can best be described as:
A. consistent
B. nonexistent
C. familiar
D. inconsistent

Organizations known for the quality of their products and services strongly believe that _____ are the key to those results.
A. eminent board members
B. virtual organizations
C. employees

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