When Talking About Recycling People Don T Seem To Consider The Recycling Of Clot

When talking about recycling,people don’t seem to consider the recycling of clothes.1

Unwanted clothing dumped in the bin ends up along with the rest of your rubbish.2

It is a terrible waste not to pass on your unwanted clothing to a charity.3

Most charities have shops in your local high street.4

It’s really easy to take your discarded clothes to be recycled.5

Charities can post collection bags and make door to door collections for your unwanted items.6

Watch out for unscrupulous businesses that make collections and then keep any profit for themselves.7

You shouldn’t just through away your old clothes because you think they’re too threadabare to resell.8

Clothes that are too worn to be sold can be shredded and reprocessed into new items.9

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