When considering professional correspondence writing homework help

reply following  discussions, each reply should be 100 words. And I had written mine already. And you can reference mine to discussion. Just use easy words and easy sentences.


When considering professional correspondence in my future career, it is important for me to organize my information in a clear and understandable way utilizing the proper format. I need to consider the situation I’m writing in and who I’m writing to in order to be effective. I must show the purpose for writing the document in the beginning and reassert that purpose throughout the entire piece. I must be able to focus on my purpose and display it in an ordered way so that my audience will comprehend the reasoning for it and whether or not they desire to take action upon the information. I need to keep in mind what details are important to my readers and which ones should be left behind.

I think it is important for us all to look for patterns between our artifacts in order to better understand how the genre works. There are many similarities between the documents and that is because they each follow specific guidelines even though they are all uniquely done. I suggest trying to look up templates in addition to your examples. I found these along the way and they really help to better understand your genre. I found that some of my artifacts stray far from the template while others are almost precisely following it. I think it will help you notice the pattern in the template then be able to more easily define it in your artifacts.


My most valued takeaways from Chapter 5 include the format and structures of letters, emails, and memos, as well as the tips for using emails across cultures. I personally think these two aspects of Chapter 5 are so important because they truly reflect professional communication in today’s society. It is critical to be able to have the knowledge to properly write letters, emails, and memos in the professional workplace because it represents both oneself as an individual, but perhaps more importantly, those pieces of writing also represent the company as a whole

In general, it is definitely important for me to consider my audience and readers when writing a professional document. I also want to make sure I use the appropriate language and vocabulary when writing letters, memos, or emails.

besides, I think it is important to consider the different components that are included in writing a professional document, such as the content and the audience. I would suggest to my classmates that they take this assignment seriously and use it as a good practice for future writing assignments in their educational, as well as professional, careers


The use of e-mail as a medium for professional communication has risen over the past few years. There are established guidelines for memos and letters used for professional correspondence, however email is still characterised by informal writing ethos. In his book Shehaan (2005) provides specific guidelines on memo, letter and email communication. He provides useful suggestions especially on email best practices and structure guidelines. Email is a relatively new means of communication therefore social conventions for email use are still being formed. This means miscommunication often occurs. The emphasis placed on email use is especially critical, because there is a tendency to hurry through writing without giving much thought regarding composition and how this impacts on how the reader interprets the message. For our professional use, it is essential to identify the different types of letters and memos, and the nature of relationship with intended audience. In rhetorical genre analysis, the most important consideration is the ability to communicate the intended message using various means such as persuasion or argumentation. Based on the guidelines provided by Shehaan (2005), it will be important to consider the intended audience and the purpose of the message as these factors willultimatelyinfluence how the rhetorical-genre analysis memo will be composed and structured.

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