What value and benefits will the organization gain from the proposed solution?

The components of a Business Case, as described in Course Module 4 (figures 4.1: Components of a Business Case and 4.2: Business Case Tips) where you can also find examples of each of these), are shown below. These should form the basis for your annotated outline:
Business Need: What is the business issue, problem or opportunity that the proposed system will address?
Business Objectives: What will be the result when the need identified is achieved? Include any short-term, long-term or operational goals and objectives.
Proposed Solution: What is being proposed to meet the needs and objectives? (a few sentences telling what the solution does, not a list of hardware/software, etc.)
Other Solutions Considered: A high level description of what other alternatives were considered and why they were not selected,and the rationale for selecting the proposed solution. Other alternatives could include: reusing existing people, equipment and processes; build/buy/lease; outsourcing; Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution vs. building a solution.
Cost Components: Identify the cost components of the proposed solution. Rather than projecting the dollar costs, provide the components of cost to implement the proposed solution (for example, the cost of a house might be $200,000, but the components of cost include building materials, land, etc.). If you are consolidating the financial systems, you should calculate the costs over a five-year period (annual licenses, support, one-time fees, consulting, etc.) for each company. You should present the information in a spreadsheet embedded into the outline. If you chose Sales or Supply Chain solutions, you should research the software that you have chosen and determine the initial and costs over a five-year period.
Detail the Benefits: What value and benefits will the organization gain from the proposed solution? Provide details beyond meeting the identified business objective(s).
Other Implementation and Impact Issues: What, besides acquiring a new system, should the organization consider?

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