What two pieces of information are necessary each time you cite a source in the test of your paper AP english assignment help

I have to get 100 percent on this quiz please help and thanks (it is a take home quiz and we can use notes but i want to make sure i get an 100)

1.What two pieces of information are necessary each time you cite a source in the test of your paper?

2. When a writer lists materials used from the Web on the Words cited page, it is important to provide the _____. Select 2 that apply. (choices below)

 medium of publication (i.e. internet/web

data content was accessed

page number


3. _____ the titles of books and peiodicales in the Works Cited list 

Place quotation marks around


Underline or italicize

Make all capital letters

4. What do signlaing phrases in a research paper identify to a reader?

the author of a source

the type ofs source

the page number of a source

the publication date of a source

5. Writers change the words of a source text without chagning the meaning when they _________.

directly quote

define terms

correctly paraphrase

evaluate sentence structure

6. _________ is the use of someone else’s words as your own without identifying the source





7. Construct a Works Cited entry using the following information according to MLA guidelines. The Properly formatted entry will be your response to this question.

Note that you cannot format assessment responses. You should include a one-sentence explanation after your citation to indicate which words should be formatted and which type of formatting should be used (underline, italics, bold, etc).

A book entitled The Barbarian Way by author Erwin R. McMaunus. The publisher is Nelson Books, the date of publication is 2005, and the place of publication is Nashville, TN. 

8. In MLA documentation, a writer must _____ all entries in the Works Cited list.

double splace

single spce

triple space

format according to whim.

9. In MLA documentation, the citation goes _______ the quotation marks, but ______ the period.



in between;before

in between;after

The purpose of using sources is to _________ your argument


arue against



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