What is the standard U.S. English language rule that is violated in the error?

In the following section, provide a detailed analysis of the challenge that you highlighted above.  Type your answers in the space below each question.
What is the standard U.S. English language rule that is violated in the error? (List the website address where you got your information)·       First, identify the grammar feature that the student has gotten wrong (for example: past perfect tense, adjective-noun order, negation, or pluralization). Then, search google for the English language rule associated with this grammar feature. Make sure that the website you use is reliable. List the website address where you got your information.
Is this error due to L1 (first language) transfer or L2 (second language) development?  Check one.·       Remember that L1 transfer means that the student is using grammar rules from their first language and applying it to English, causing an error. To figure this out, learn more about how this particular grammar feature works in the student’s native language. You can search google for more information about the language.

·       L2 development should only be selected if the error is not L2 transfer, meaning that the student has made an error due to the natural second language learning process and independent of the way grammar works in their first language.

L1 Transfer     › L2 Development     ›
Explain why you selected L1 transfer or L2 development. You must be able to justify why the error is a result of one and not the other.·       If you have chosen L1 transfer, show with explicit examples why– remember that you can always use Google translate to find examples that you can discuss below.

·       If you have chosen L2 development, use the examples from Google translate to show how this was not a grammar transfer from the first language and how this was a normal second language learning error.

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