What is online display advertising and how does it relate to offline display advertising?

True or False: All businesses need to create a steady flow of new customers as part of their marketing strategy. Explain your answer.
Identify the main customer acquisition tools.
What is online display advertising, and how does it relate to offline display advertising?
What is an online ad format? Why must marketers be familiar with the formats and understand what creating an online ad require?
What is a rich media ad? What benefits does it offer the marketer? Does it have any potential downsides?
Why were additional new ad formats developed? What benefits do they offer the marketer? Do any of the formats have any potential downsides?
How does a marketer go about placing an ad on Facebook or LinkedIn?
Why is ad serving improvement over just placing an ad on a web page and just leaving it there?
Behavioral ad targeting is especially important on the Internet. Explain why and give a hypothetical example, perhaps based on your own experience.
Is demographic or behavioral or contextual advertising better way to precisely target website visitors?
True or False: Marketing events are necessarily held in the physical world, but they can be promoted on the Internet. Explain your answer.
Discuss whether or not generating publicity is one of the few marketing communications activities that have not changed much as a result of the Internet.
Do affiliate programs ten to attract many websites or blogs that can generate a large volume of traffic that results in sales? Why or why not?
What is the importance of portal deals to Internet sites today?

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