What factors contribute to the groups cohesiveness?

This paper is to be written as a research/ reaction paper on the movie you select from the provided options. Specific questions are asked pertaining to each of the movies and it is expected that you answer completely in essay form. Use analysis and offer insight into the concepts of the course by noting examples from the movie. I must read/ see 5 examples of outside sources in this paper. It is not necessary to use MLA, however I require that you use (PARANTHEICAL DOCUMENTATION.) Use parenthesis please! The movie does not count as a source. You will lose points for not providing sources. Please do not write a summary of the movie, I have seen all of them many times. All of these elements are necessary in earning a satisfactory grade on this assignment.
Learning Objectives
The student will be able to recognize, understand, and manage communication concepts which occur in our daily living situations.
The student will analyze one (1) film of their choice and choose one (1) question about the film as it relates to various specified communication concepts necessary to achieve the goal of this assignment. Some films will have more than one question. If there is more than one question choice, the student should choose one (1) of the two (2) questions to answer. If there is only one question, then that is the question the student will need to answer for that film. Please do not choose your own film to write about. This assignment will measure your ability to apply concepts from the text or other texts (other than the movie) to major communication components.
The following pages in this module contain an overview of the possible movies you can choose for this assignment . Each page contains an image, a video of the trailer and two questions. After reviewing the possible choices, select a movie. Your assignment is to write a three (3) to five (5) page paper. The paper should respond to one (1) of the two (2) questions listed on your film overview page.

Required Content
The content of the response paper should include:
Clear identification of the question you are answering in the introduction.
Discussion of the scene(s) and characters.
Definition of concepts and a discussion of how it impacts the scene.
Explanation of your response with dialogue and details.
Facts from authorities and other published information.

Required Format
Your assignment should adhere to the following format requirements:
Cite your sources in MLA or APA format. Additional resources to help with proper MLA or APA formatting are available to you in the right-hand sidebars of this module.
Citations – If you use a quotation from the textbook, put the citation in parentheses with the page number. Example: (Adler, Proctor, Towne, 213), It is not necessary to have a Works Cited page at the end of the paper.
Dialogue – When quoting dialogue from the movie, be as accurate as you can and always describe behavioral examples specifically.
IBC – Utilize a format with an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

1. Discuss the groups developmental stages (storming, norming, forming, etc.). What factors contribute to the groups cohesiveness? Give specific behaviors in your response as well as definitions of the concepts.
2. Discuss the role stereotyping and perception play in this movie. Give specific behaviors in your response as well as definitions of the concepts.

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