What circuit appellate court hears cases from residents of your state?

Assignment 1 and 2 to the Unit 4 Dropbox, as they are graded individually.View an introduction to the Assignments here. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.Unit outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment:Explain the legislative and legal system.Identify laws, regulations and standards related to health information.Discuss difficulties and challenges in defining the legal health record.Course outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment:HI305-2: Analyze legal and ethical policies and procedures that ensure privacy and confidentiality.InstructionsRespond to the following essay questions:Explain the four elements of negligence that must be present in order for a plaintiff to recover damages.Discuss the purposes for which the health record is maintained within a health care organization.Explain the concept of e-Discovery and discuss the role of health information management professionals in the e-Discovery process.Visit the following website and respond to the questions that follow:Source: Supreme Court of the United States. Retrieved from http://www.supremecourt.gov/List the 9 active Supreme Court justices and designate the chief justice.What circuit appellate court hears cases from residents of your state?

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