What are your thoughts about the next stage in your education (consolidation), your entry into the profession, and future career?

Grade: 15% of final grade
Length: 4 pages maximum,
• 12 font, New Times Roman, double spaced, excluding reference list and title page.
• Hard copy and electronic copy due at beginning of class as assigned by professor
• Include a copy of the rubric with the hardcopy of your essay
• Submit an electronic copy to Safe Assign on your assigned due date.
Topic: Reflections: Leadership Development as you transition from learner to practitioner
This essay is a critical analysis of your personal journey reflecting on your leadership skills development as you transition from being a student to a practice RPN.

It may be helpful to focus on one significant experience and/or challenge> Examine how it made you feel made and how you have grown and developed leadership skills as a result. The primary focus is on your development of leadership skills as you transition from learner to practitioner. It should be honest and include examples, details, and relevant literature to support your opinions and thoughts. A good reflective essay should help you to understand yourself better. It must be written in the first person.
Though this is a reflective paper, you need to clearly support your thoughts and ideas with references from the literature. Theoretical references may come from the literature related to leadership theory, power, conflict management, and change management theory. A minimum of four (4) different reference sources are required and must be drawn from journal readings as well as the listed leadership texts available from the library.
*Your paper must be proof read, carefully edited and follow APA format. See the rubric for a detailed grading scheme. Essays not submitted to SafeAssign will not be marked.
Try to be very specific with your examples. You may choose to reflect on your first client, your first time doing a procedure, a nurse, a clinical instructor, a colleague, a professor, a subject, your first experience with death or with a new life. Below you will find some questions to consider as you reflect on your journey and analyze a significant experience/challenge:
• How have you changed, developed, or evolved since you started the nursing program?
• What specific events (positive or negative) aided in this change?
• What have been the most significant influences for you in shaping you as nurse? How did they shape your leadership style and influence or develop your leadership skills?
• What are your own leadership characteristics, skills and development? What are your strengths and which areas do you want to develop?
• Drawing from the topics and theory discussed in week 1-3, have these competencies and expectations made you think any differently about your role as a nurse?
• What are your thoughts about the next stage in your education (consolidation), your entry into the profession, and future career? How will you ensure you continue to develop knowledge, skills and leadership qualities?
• How does the literature support your thoughts and changes that you have experienced? What actions and strategies will implement to ensure you remain a competent practicing nurse and a leader in your field?

Essay Rubric (15% of grade)

Student Name: Section: Date:

Criteria Focus Comments Marks
Content and Ideas
35 marks • Explore on one specific challenge/experience. How has this experience changed or influenced your development and ideas from the beginning of your education to present time before entering the work force. (5points)
• Describe the influences shaping you as a developing nurse. Reflect and explore professional, social, cultural, personal and environmental factors that may be influencing your leadership development. (5marks).
• Describe your thoughts on leadership (style and skills), include your strengths and areas requiring further development. What makes you a leader? (5points)
• Provide the evidence of change, growth, development and knowledge of self as a nurse. (5points)
• Consider concepts/theories discussed in class and apply them to your leadership development (i.e. conflict management, decision making). (10point)
• Describe your thoughts/concerns about your next steps in your nursing journey and further developing leadership skills. (How will you prepare for the next part of your journey? Consider consolidation, orientation and working with preceptors, future education and development and your nursing career directions). (5 points)
5 marks • Research demonstrates a clear connection and supports ideas presented in your essay. (1 point)
• Research demonstrates the basis for analysis and reflects a variety of perspectives found in the literature (1point)
• Minimum 4 relevant references from a variety of current sources (include two recent evidence-based nursing journal articles) (1point
• Topic extensively researched and supported with in-text citations (1 point)
• Extensive incorporation of evidence-based research into content (1 point)

5 marks • Topic and purpose of paper clearly stated and identified in the introduction paragraph (1point)
• Conclusion provides a brief summary of the points discussed in the essay (1point)
• Introduction and conclusion are related to the body of the essay (1mark)
• Paragraphs flow and transition easily into the next; paragraphs contains one idea or concept (1point)
• Reader easily follows the flow of concepts and ideas presented in the essay (1point)
APA format
5 marks • Accurate title page and reference list (1 point)
• Accurate citations in paper (1point)
• Accurate headings/ subheadings, and consistency of levels (1point)
• Correct font size, style (1point)
• Only papers with no grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors are eligible for full marks (1 point)
Grade total /50

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