What are the challenges you will face?

Use the EC Library to locate an article that addresses the ethical issues associated with hiring, promotions, or terminations. This article can be a peer reviewed research-based journal article or a magazine/newspaper story.

Analyze the management situation using all of the three major approaches to ethics (utilitarian, rights and duties, and fairness and justice).

Identify the underlying moral/ethical dilemma in the situation.

Describe how managers can address the inherent ethical dimensions of this situation.

Discussion 2

Choose a privacy category.

Research the topic and locate one article from the EC Virtual Library that addresses that category of privacy.

Analyze the complexity of the ethical dimensions of that category using one of the ethics theories covered in Module 1.

Put yourself in the position of the manager who has to oversee work and must address that category of privacy.

What are the challenges you will face?

What concerns will your employees have?

How are you addressing the ethical challenges inherent in the category of privacy?

Use ethical theory to support your choices.

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