What are the advantages of allowing defendants to plea to reduced charges/sentences?

  1. Discuss the role of plea bargaining in criminal trials. What are the advantages of allowing defendants to plea to reduced charges/sentences? To what extent should victims of crimes be consulted in the plea bargaining process? Make sure you state whether you agree or disagree with the plea bargaining process.
  2. 2.       You are an undercover officer who is on the stand testifying at the trial of a mid-level drug organization member. During cross-examination you have been asked by the defendant’s attorney to reveal the name of your informant in the organization. You have been advised by the prosecutor and your commander to not reveal the name of this informant as doing so would result in the loss of a very valuable resource inside the drug organization and most likely the informant’s life as well. The judge has ordered you to answer the question over the objection of the District Attorney handling the case and warned you that you will be held in contempt of court and placed in a jail cell until such time as you will answer the question. Discuss how you would handle this situation and your reasons.
  3. 3.       A judge is often called upon to rule on the admissibility of evidence at a trial to ensure that only relevant evidence is presented. The Unit 6 Seminar will discuss the various types of evidence that can be presented at trial, specifically hearsay evidence.
  4. 4.       Define the “noble cause” and how it relates to law enforcement daily. What positives and negatives can you identify? How can organizations control the “noble cause”?
  5. 5.       Give examples of some circumstances in which you feel police are justified in violating laws or citizens’ civil rights. Explain why you feel that the police would or would not be justified by engaging in these violations.
  6.  6.       Are police officers faced with situations where extreme force is necessary, even if it may result in criminal violations? Examine a number of ethical dilemmas that police officers face. Additionally discuss responsibility for actions and the impact of television and movies on citizens’ perceptions about the use of force by police.

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