Week 5 Discussion

Step 1:  This week’s discussion focuses on the influence of the media following a public health emergency or disaster.  Be sure that you have read the assigned reading before writing your initial post.  Refer to chapter 30, Figure 30-2: Disaster and Emergency Planning to formulate your response.Step 2:  Post a response in the discussion board addressing the following:Briefly describe a disaster or public health emergency of which you were aware or involved and consider the following.  Using the flow chart in chapter 30 of the text (Figure 30-2), talk about the influence (positive or negative) of the media, including social media, at 3 or 4 places in the cycle. Include several different types of media and research in your response.Share any personal or professional experiences you have had with the media, including social media, during or in preparation for a disaster or public health emergency.

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