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Watson points out that psychology, prior to behaviorism, were nebulas in nature and its methods unscientific. “If you fail to reproduce my findings, it is not due to some fault in your apparatus or in the control of your stimulus, but it is due to the fact that your introspection is untrained” (Watson, 1994, p.248). In other words there are no definite measures to determine right or wrong, fact or fiction in psychology. Watson makes a strong argument for the need of observable, measurable study that can be reproduced through scientific methodology to take away some of the ambiguity the study of the consciousness through introspection holds. Watson proposes discarding the introspective method and warns of the consequences of not doing so (Watson, 1994, p.250). He solves the problem through experimentation and scientific method.

 While I do not agree with the idea of completely discarding introspection I do agree with limiting its use and balancing it with firm reproducible scientifically observable and re-creatable experimentation. I find introspection useful for clients to challenge behaviors and inaccurate thought processes with personal belief system. I think depression, anxiety, self-loathing, substance abuse and self-medicating can all be treated with a fair amount of soul searching to determine behaviors that contradict personal belief system. Then clients can be encouraged to create an experiment to provide proof the identified change can help. If the experiment is successful an action plan can be put in place, if not a different variable is chosen and another experiment executed. The client becomes the scientist challenging personal introspection with behavioral methodology. 

Please provide a 150-250 word response to the above question. No references are necessary. 

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