watch short videos and articles and answer questions

Section 1:

watch these two videos and read the pdf. named sliding versus deciding .

  1. First, read the Title, Abstract, and introductory paragraph. Summarize what the abstract and first paragraph tell you the article will be discussing. Are there any vocabulary words that are unclear to you in the abstract? (Often academic journal articles will use jargon or some terms that are important in the field but unclear to the average reader.) If so, list them and look up their meanings.
  2. Next, read The Existing Knowledge Base section and in particular take a close look at Table 1, pages 501-2, which reviews major research findings about the “cohabitation effect”? How do previous studies indicate that cohabitation is related to background, general beliefs, relationship quality, divorce, personal vulnerabilities, and commitment?
  3. Explain “commitment theory” (dedication and constraint).
  4. Define “relationship inertia”.
  5. Describe how the “Timing May Be Everything” section adds information to the concept of inertia.
  6. How do the authors describe “sliding versus deciding?
  7. In their discussion of Practice Implications, how do the authors say this perspective could be useful to people in relationships?
  8. Finally, how does this article impact you? How does it agree with/differ from your pre-existing beliefs about or experiences with cohabitation?

Section two:

watch this videos and read the pdf. named courtship Olson PowerPoint Chapter 10.revised 4.9.18.pptx

our America: Holy Matrimonies

  • How does dating and mate selection vary across cultures?
  • In what ways have dating, cohabitation, and marriage changed in the United States?
  • How is online dating changing social norms?
  • How do social media and electronic devices change the ways that people interact with friends and family? Overseas and long distance relationships?
  • What are traditional gender roles?
  • How do traditional gender roles impact relationship partners?
  • Are gender roles changing? How? How much? Why? Why not?

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