Was Romeros zombies were dead entirely?

Was Romeros zombies were dead entirely? Because In Dawn of the Dead, Bub remembers how to use a toothbrush and a razor. Is there still something human in him?
Industrialisation: As factories opened, the need of labour climbed; so the number of employee increased. The origin of Zombie movies, there were a few zombies. However in contemporary zombie movies we witness an enormous increase of zombies due to industrialisation and urbanization. Besides that, Zombies become more violent, faster, aggressive, animalistic in pop culture or especially in “World War Z”.
Zombies went from consciousness to unconsciousness show that in pop culture communication between people decreased as the technology inclined and it is a reflection in zombie movies.
The presence of factories and the rise of large towns accelerated the moment of poeple in their lives. Therefore zombies got quickened in modern epoch.
Modern Zombies:
-Wander around as packs, they cooperate until the nourishment process. They can push one another away to be able to eat more. So their selfishness appear and projects the dark side of human-being.
I believe that the fact that the zombies cooperate to a certain extent and once the reward is won, they end up being cynical, reckless even to their own kind.
-Lack of religion unlike Haitian Zombies.
Whats the possible reasons that religion is forgotten in modern era? Because America, thereby hollywood, is not very religious?
-Went primitive, craving human-flesh, become more monster-like.
-More scary
-American culture has become more violent, disconnected, self satisfied, reckless, and sought instant gratification like zombies. Lack of patience.
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