virtual simulation vsim assignment description

In a Word processing document, answer the questions listed below and submit (along with your post-quiz score to the vSIM assignment tab under Module 12 on Canvas):

  • Q-1: What safety measures did you take as part of your care for Edith Jacobson? Consider all aspects of patient safety, both universal (i.e., hand-washing) and patient-specific (i.e., stemming from the disease process), and provide a rationale. • Q-2: Describe the nature of your communication with the patient as well as the inter-disciplinary team (IDT). Specifically, what therapeutic communication techniques did you utilize when interacting with Ms. Jacobson? What did you include in your SBAR report to the IDT members? • Q-3: Describe the focused assessment you completed (health history and physical exam) and provide a rationale for your decisions. List each of the body systems you chose to assess and provide a rationale for your decision. List any body systems you chose to exclude and provide a rationale for your decision. • Q-4: Write a clinical note describing the anticipated and unanticipated assessment findings you noted for each of the body systems above. Be detailed and specific in your descriptions. • Q-5: List three top nursing problems you identified for Mrs. Jacobson and rank those in order of priority (refer to your Ackley’s textbook for an accurately stated nursing problems) • Q-6: For each of the above noted nursing problems, list the top three interventions you took to address Mrs. Jacobson’s needs and provide a brief rationale. Physician orders, medications, and laboratory orders should also be included, as appropriate. • Q-7: Briefly describe your response to the simulation experience. What did you do well? What would you do differently the next time and why? What, if anything, did you like about this assignment and why?
  • Reminder: you must submit a print-screen of your post-SIM quiz score as well as a write-up of your answers to the questions above to Canvas.

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