Video Game Weakness Essay

Video Game Weakness EssayEnglish 1023 –Evaluation Essay Assignment 1. Select a product on the market to evaluate as discussed in class. 2. Write a clear, thoughtful, and well-drafted essay evaluating the usefulness/uselessness, greatness/badness, etc. of the product you have chosen. 3. You must support your assertions with specific examples (standards: mostly universal and at least 1 individual), and remember to EXPLAIN these examples. Your essay should be comprised of 7 paragraphs, an introduction, body paragraphs (4) that support your thesis, a counter argument, and a conclusion. Make sure you use transitions between paragraphs. Remember, your thesis and your claim should be evident in the paper, making a value judgment, and working along with your standards to prove your argument. Your paper should be between 5 pages. Be sure you do not simply include all positives or all negatives about the product, you are not making a commercial, nor are you writing a hate-fest, make sure you include a counter argument paragraph was well, to present the opposition to your own argument. You need to have 3 universal standards and 1 personal standard in the paper. Avoid writing about subjective items, such as movies, music, art, books, etc. Use more concrete evidence. For example my idea of a “good” book may be very different from someone else’s, but a “good” computer would have more concrete, solid, factual evidence to make an argument. 4. You must use at least four direct quotations, no more than 7 with proper parenthetical citations from at least four reliable sources (but no more than 6), about the product you are writing about. Remember that a quotation must never stand alone; it must always be part of your own sentence. Also remember that you must interpret or explain the quotation/example or show how it helps to prove the point you are trying to make. Your quotes must only be a sentence long at most, NO LONG QUOTES!! Include a works cited page with the essay cited properly. For this assignment, a reliable source for background info would be the product website, but avoid using it for body evidence because of bias. I would recommend starting there and then consulting other sources as needed. You MUST vary your sources, do not use the same website, author, etc. more than once. I also want to see the use of not only quotes, but summary and paraphrasing as well. You will include a properly formatted Works Cited page with this paper. Remember, your sources should not be older than 2 years for this paper! 5. Your final essay must be word-processed using Microsoft Word, double-spaced, and conform to MLA style. Use 12-point Times New Roman for your font style and size. 6. Your essay will be evaluated according to the grading guidelines rubric posted on Canvas. Austin Harris Engl 1023 Prof. Keaton 9/23/20 Annotated Bibliography Thesis: Bethesda’s Fallout 76 misses key features that makes playing video games fun and immersive. Tran, Edmond. “Take Me Home. To the Place I Belong.” Gamespot, CBS Interactive, 25 Nov. 2018, 2:39pm, The author of this review discusses that Fallout 76 was a huge bust due to the lack of AI characters, a poorly designed quest system, and the multiplayer application was not implemented well. The author explains that simple but essential mechanics are missing from the game. Tran explains that the combat mechanics are not up to par with other games as well. He explains that the gameplay feels like a “chore”. The game has become more linear instead of the classic open-world, post apocalyptic Fallout seen in the years before. Tyrrel, Brandin. “A Wasted Wasteland.” Fallout 76 Review, Ziff Davis, 21 Nov. 2018, 10:45pm, The author of this review discusses that Fallout 76 is not graphically appealing unless you look at the exact right angles. The open world that is in Fallout 76 is completely void of people to interact with since the introduction of multiplayer to a classically singleplayer game. Quests or story missions were flawed and riddled with bugs at the launch of Fallout 76. This caused the author to have to jump server to server to finish missions. The author explains that the combat feels “floaty” and the UI is too simple for such a big budgeted game from a big name video game company, Bethesda. Livingston, Christopher, and Evan Lahti. “FALLOUT 76 REVIEW Bethesda Takes the World of Fallout Online.” Fallout 76 Review, Future US, Inc., 21 Nov. 2018, According to the author of the review, Fallout 76 is a big and beautiful world to explore but there are problems with the game that hold it back from its full potential. As you play the game through the story, according to the author story repetition is a problem. The author explains that the multiplayer in the game was a good idea but simple things like a social hub for players were left out of the game. Since this review was done on a PC, benchmarks were ran to test the performance of the game with high end computer parts. The results showed inconsistent performance making the game go from 60fps to single digit fps numbers. Faierman, Leo. “Fallout 76 Review: A Risky and Rewarding Post-Apocalyptic Camping Trip.” GAME REVIEWS, 3.5 STAR GAMES, Screen Rant, 17 Nov. 2018, The author in this review of Fallout 76 explains that the multiplayer story-telling is something to be rivaled with but the multiplayer is what is holding the game back along with other aspects of the game. He explains that the multiplayer in the game is half-baked, low-stakes, and poorly implemented. According to the author, it took him 5 hours before encountering another player while playing the story quests. Base building is in the game still like its predecessor, Fallout 4. The defense turrets do not react to enemy AI at all and a ‘griefer’ can destroy your camp if they wish. Historically, the Fallout franchise has been a PvE game but with Fallout 76’s introduction of multiplayer, PvP fans were hoping for a good experience. They were met with abstract and casual gameplay at best. The UI is also a very underdeveloped system in the game making finding items in the menu tiresom. …

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