VenusdeMilo Aphrodite ofMelos Art History article and questions help

Read the article on the VenusdeMilo (Aphrodite ofMelos) in the Course Documents folder, then answer the following questions. Each question below should have a minimum of 125 words. I will attach the article too. 

Please provide enough detail for each question then I can add more detail from my Art history book as well.

1. After the discovery and removal to Paris of the Venus De Milo, two archaeologists, SalomonReinachand AdolfFurtwangler, developed opposing theories about the Venus. Briefly, summarize each and discuss which is still supported today, and why.

2. The Venus is considered a Hellenistic work, one which was produced after the great Classical period of Greek sculpture. But many art historians contend that the Venus is a synthesis of both Classical and Hellenistic models. Explain the Classical nature of this sculpture, as well as how it reflects Hellenistic tendencies.

3. Briefly, explain how a gymnasium functioned within Greek society of the time in which the Venus existed. Also, discuss how the Aphrodite ofMelos(Venus) has been associated with a gymnasium, in terms of the Venus’ function and purpose in Greek culture.

 If you have any questions please ask me, don’t worry about the font style or size. If you use any outside sources please cite them as well. 

Thank you! 

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