user cent design

Question 1:

Visit a new website or use a new software. Use the tool or browse the site for at least 20 minutes. After you have used the site/software, log the emotions you experienced. Describe when you noticed them and what seemed to trigger them. For instance, did you find joy in discovering new information OR experience frustration because you could not figure out how a feature was supposed to work. Finally, provide three recommendations that designers could take to improve the site/software you used. Report should be 1 1/2 to 2 pages in length.

Question 2:

We will apply the process of user-centered design to constructing an original, individually designed system. This system may be mobile, web, or physical. The construction will advance through the conceptualization, research, and prototyping stages.

Write a 1/2 page single spaced proposal of a system you would like to build. Describe what the system should do, why it should be built, and who it would benefit from it.

Question 3:

Based on the question 2, design a questionnaire/survey for the individual project. We should have at least 20 questions (plus additional demographic questions).

Be sure to remove bias from questions and use multiple types of questions.

A good survey will have both open-ended and closed-ended questions.

Question 4:

AI and ML are growing fields. However, most of the focus is on algorithms, computation,hardware and mathematics. Using what you have learned in the course thus far, please describe how user-centered design can impact the field of AI. Your original post should be at least 150 words.

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