Use Of SQ3R Method In Writing Summary

Use Of SQ3R Method In Writing Summary

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Using the SQ3R reading method, consider how the author you read are writing about place and how they view and interact with that setting/environment. Also, think about how those points of view compare to your own perceptions of what you see as your place.

Write: Upon reflection, use the attached essay/article on place and write at least three paragraphs (200 – 300 words for each paragraph) where you accomplish the following:

1. Summarize what you read and explain what parts of the SQ3R process helped you.

2. Make connections between what you read about place and your own experiences and observations about your own environment/place.

3. Articulate any questions/curiosities/predictions/challenges you have based on the reading and use examples from the essay to explain those.

4. Incorporate a quote and/or paraphrase where appropriate, with proper APA citation.

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