Urban Sentiments on Procrastination Discussion

Urban Sentiments on Procrastination Discussion

Can you help me understand this Psychology question?



For our TED discussion this week, I want us to discuss procrastination. Mainly because this class is doesn’t give us a lot of options to procrastinate, and we are writing Essay 1 this week, and I want us to discuss and develop tools that will make us successful writers.

How many of us procrastinate or view ourselves as master procrastinators? I know I do. Most of my life as an undergrad student I must say was spent focused under the crunch time, right up against a deadline.

After watching the following very humorous TED Talk by Tim Urban, please answer the following questions:

  1. What does Urban claim about procrastinators? Why does he think people really procrastinate?
  2. What does Urban think we should do about procrastination? Does he offer any solutions?
  3. Could you identify with what Urban says here? How often do you procrastinate? Why do you think you do it? Why can’t you break the habit?
  4. What was your biggest takeaway or AHA moment from this Talk?


  • Your initial response should be 150-300 words per question.

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