Unit Viii Powerpoint Presentation Imagine You Are A Research Associate At A Loca

Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation

Imagine you are a research associate at a local non-profit organization. Your organization has hired you to conduct a

research study on the effect of drug use in adolescent peer relationships. However, the organization knows little about

research and has asked that you develop a presentation for the Board of Directors.

The presentation should include a brief overview of the proposed study as well as the following points:

1. What is a null hypothesis? Develop a null hypothesis for your study.

2. What potential effects do Type I and Type II errors have on your research? How will you avoid them?

3. Define one-tailed and two-tailed p-values, and discuss how they are applicable or not to your study.

4. Identify how effect size and statistical power are relevant to your research, and why.

The presentation should be completed using PowerPoint. Include a minimum of 8-10 slides, excluding the title and

reference slides. Cite and reference all sources in APA style.

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