Under The Terms Of The Trust Instrument The Trustee Has Discretion To Distribute (1)

Under the terms of the trust instrument, the trustee has discretion to distribute or accumulate income on behalf of Willie, Sylvia, and Doris in equal shares. The trustee also can invade corpus for the benefit of any of the beneficiaries to the extent of each person’s respective one-third interest in the trust.In the current year, the trust has DNI of $75,000. Distribution and accumulation amounts were as follows.*To Willie: $25,000 from DNI and $10,000 from corpus.*To Sylvia: $10,000. The remaining $15,000 is accumulated.*To Doris: $0. The $25,000 DNI is accumulated.a. How much income is taxed to Willie?b. To Sylvia?c. To Doris?d. To the trust?

DNICorpus 75000 DNI is the income which is maximum amount that is taxable over DNI is tax free.DNIWillie*To Sylvia*To Doris CORPUS 25000100000 Accumulated Taxable 100001500025000 25000…

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