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Conduct research and analysis on Uber Eats (https://ubereats.com/) entering into the countries of Sweden and Russia. The Uber driving service is currently in Sweden and Russia, but Uber Eats is not. UberEATS is an on-demand meal delivery service powered by the Uber app. It is one of the first expansion products by Uber Technologies Inc., the technology platform that connects drivers and riders, and utilizes its existing network to deliver meals in minutes. The online food ordering service partners with top local restaurants in each city and allows users to order directly from same Uber app they use to get a ride. Delivery time is 10 minutes or less.

Informational areas that you should certainly cover in your report are:

  1. Introduction – A very brief profile of the firm and product or service. Further, a justification for the choice of country/region and mode of entry should be discussed.
  2. Macroenvironment – An analysis of the macroenvironment of the selected country/region with an emphasis on its factors that are relevant to the firm, i.e., the analysis of Economic, Socioeconomic, Financial, Cultural, and Political/Legal forces.
  3. Competitive Analysis – Assess the market conditions (such as size of market, market growth rate, consumers, sales analysis). Address how these conditions affected your firm’s competitive advantage.
  4. Financial Analysis – Assess how exchange rate regimes, country/region monetary policies, and financial decisions affected the financial position of your firm.
  5. Mode of Entry – A mode of entry into the foreign market(s) that you selected. Pertinent factors surrounding this mode (for example, import regulations, customs, payment methods, etc., for Exporting as a mode) should then be covered and how they affected your firm’s performance.

In summary, how did you choose the country/region to which your company will expand and why? How did you choose the entry mode and why?

Current Uber Eats locations:

United States (all over and expanding)

Canada (Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto)

England (London)

Australia (Melbourne, Sydney)

France (Paris)


Uber, but not Uber Eats, is available in Russia, and Sweden. Uber operates in these countries and this project should look at expanding with Uber Eats.

For research, focus on perhaps the following 5 activities (?) that we worked on in weeks 1-4, to determine the Macro Analysis, Competitive Analysis & Thoughts on best Mode of Entry (usually found in Commercial Guide):

1- Hofstede’s Dimensions (Week 4)

2 – Trade Barriers & Corruption: focusing on perception of doing business and barriers to doing business within the country (Week 4) 

3 – Country Commercial Guides (Week 2): Looking at the exporting guidelines for the service industry: https://www.export.gov/ccg

4 – Socioeconomic & Economic Factors using (Week 3) – A lot of this information will also come from the commercial guide and Hofstede’s Dimensions

5 – Ease of Doing Business (Week 1): http://www.doingbusiness.org/rankings/

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