Trying Out Meditative Voice writing homework help

Please dontr make it too long It should be fairly small. Just answering whats required.

Find any Bible story of your choosing. Glance through the Gospel of Mark and find one of Jesus’ healing accounts. Print it out and step away from the computer. Go somewhere else—maybe in nature and read the passage imagining what it would be like to be each of the characters present in that story, including Jesus. What is that person feeling? What is that person thinking? What are they hoping for? What are they anticipating? What are they learning? Ask yourself these questions and more as you read. Give yourself at least 7 minutes to do this. Then come back to the computer to complete this assignment.


…Finished?   Answer the following questions:

  1. What healing story did you read and where did you go to read it?
  2. How did you like meditating in this way? If you believe in God, did you find yourself becoming more attentive to him? How so? (It’s also all right if you didn’t find yourself being more attentive to God)
  3. Did you spend at least 7 minutes doing this exercise?

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