trade policy and business project 2

should be minimum 500 words based on the instructions below

The purpose of this project is to give you practical experience exporting and importing products out of and/or into the United States and other countries.


1. Select a product as the basis for the project.

2. Select a DESTINATION COUNTRY (i.e., the country to which the product will be exported).

3. Prepare a report covering the following:

Part A: U.S. Trade Relationship (approximately 500 words)

Briefly describe the following between the U.S. and your selected country:

i. The history of trade.

ii. Any trade agreements (e.g., free trade agreements, etc.). Include type and when formed, if applicable.

iii. Any current trade restrictions, trade wars, embargoes, etc.

iv. State the product you have selected.

v. Provide the 10-digit HTSUS code for the product.

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