To be an effective professional you need to be an effective communicator Edu1 Week 1 Discussion 1 writing homework help

To be an effective professional you need to be an effective communicator.  Your work, your learning, and your intellect will most likely be judged based upon your writing – in college, and in your future career.  Thus, the goal for this assignment is help you improve your writing skills and explore the great resources available through the Ashford Writing Center.

For this forum, please complete the following steps and submit a 300 word initial post covering the following topics:

Step 1: After going to the Ashford Writing Center (see link above), decide which writing skill you want to improve, and then review the materials for that particular skill.

Note: materials are listed under each skill.

  1. APA Formatting
  2. Grammar
  3. Essay/Paragraph Structure
  4. Properly Using and Citing Research in your Writing

Step 2: After reviewing the Ashford Writing Center resources, please discuss the following in your initial post:

  • Why did you pick that particular writing skill?  Is it a skill you have struggled with in the past?  Explain your choice.
  • Which resource(s) was/were the most helpful, and why?  Give 2-3 reasons.
  • How do you anticipate that this particular skill can help you in this course and during your time at Ashford?
  • In what ways do you anticipate mastery of the specified skill will help you as a future professional?

Step 3: Before you submit your discussion post, check your grammar and punctuation using Grammarly—a free grammar check tool. For help setting up and using Grammarly, click here. Once you have reviewed Grammarly’s suggestions and made the appropriate edits, upload your response to the discussion board forum.  Your initial post will be checked for errors in grammar, spelling, and language mechanics. 

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