three roles of a teacher in the area of early childhood language education writing homework help

Please make these into 2 separate documents


Describe, in detail, the three roles of a teacher in the area of early childhood language education:

1.  Include at least one of the following terms in your reply: closure, expansion, explanatory talk, extension.

2.  Describe how these roles apply to you. Include personal and/or professional applications.

The answer to this Discussion Board question must be at least 250 words and use proper grammar and spelling. One citation is required per discussion question response. You must make sure to cite your sources properly using APA / MLA.


A. Choose one way a teacher can promote language:

a) building on teachable moments

b) provide specific and descriptive feedback

c) scaffolding

B. Discuss why your selection is important and provide a specific example of what teacher actions are needed in order for this to occur in the classroom in order to promote language.

Summary should include the following:

  1. Use of a minimum of one citation from the textbook or another source of information to support your rationale.
  2. List your source of information.
  3. Minimum length of summary is 250 words (excluding citation).

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