This Is One Question This Is The Problem We Are Given

This is one question!This is the problem we are given :”matrix A=[1/4,1/4,0;-1/2,1/2,0;0,0,1/3]compute the norm of A (another expression is ||A||) without using matlab but we can use ||A||=max||Ax||/||x||”My “question” is: I cannot figure out which x=[x(1);x(2);x(3)] I should pick to make it maximized.||A||=max{[5/16*x(1)^2+5/16*x(2)^2+1/9*x(3)-3/8*x(1)*x(2)]^(1/2)/[x(1)^2+x(2)^2+x(3)^2)]^(1/2)}I am stuck here, cannot do it further. Please ignore the previous post

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