there are two things to do here 4


I would like from you to do the following things:

First exercise: As you begin the work in teams, it’s important to come up with a definition of collaboration that encompasses the purpose, goals, and objectives of working together on a project. To help you develop an understanding of what it means to collaborate and what team actions help collaborations to be successful, read the following articles and answer the following questions.



  • Define workplace collaboration.
  • Why collaborate? What are the benefits?
  • List at least five characteristics and/or criteria for a successful collaboration? What actions do team members need to take to achieve collaborative goals?

Second exercise: Team charter Memo

I included everything you need to do here in a word document.

Also, once you read it, you will need to choose a topic. So I would like from you to choose a topic that is related to Tampa, Florida or University of South Florida.

Let me know if you have a question and thank you

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