The Uniform Crime Report UCR Assessment writing homework help

Part 1

The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) categorizes crimes into two categories: Part I Offenses and Part II Offenses. Discuss the types of crimes included in each of the UCR categories. Select at least two crimes from Part I and two crimes from Part II of the UCR, and identify the types of impacts that each of these crimes has on society. Evaluate how society reacts to each of these crimes and the offenders committing the crimes.  Your essay response must be a minimum of 500 words.

Part 2

Victims can be found throughout all segments of any society. Understanding victims often requires categorizing them by common characteristics (e.g., location, social patterns, etc.). Select three different characteristics by which victims may be categorized. Define the unique characteristics that make a victim a member of each group. Compare and contrast the factors that are used to group these types of victims together. Discuss how grouping victims into these unique groups assists criminology researchers in understanding deviance from the perspective of those directly impacted by crime. Your essay response must be a minimum of 500 words.

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