the oil production in UK research paper help

5 pages research papers about ( the oil production in UK) + references paper is required. APA format. (0% plagiarism please)

Those links could be useful for u to look up.

Seven Questions About The Recent Oil Price Slump: https://blog-imfdirect.imf. org/2014/12/22/seven- questions-about-the-recent- oil-price-slump/

Metals and Oil: A Tale of Two Commodities: https://blog-imfdirect.imf. org/2015/09/14/metals-and-oil- a-tale-of-two-commodities/

The Price of Oil and the Price of Carbon: https://blog-imfdirect.imf. org/2015/12/02/the-price-of- oil-and-the-price-of-carbon/

Natural Gas: The New Gold: https://blog-imfdirect.imf. org/2014/10/22/natural-gas- the-new-gold/

Oil Prices and the Global Economy: It’s Complicated: https://blog-imfdirect.imf. org/2016/03/24/oil-prices-and- the-global-economy-its- complicated/

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