The Muslim World history assignment help

Click on each link below and follow the instructions on what to do for each. Read the 5 sections:
God (Allah), Five Pillars
Pilgrimage = , 

Don’t forget to read the subsection under the Five Pillars.

Part 2:

Click on the link below and view the photo gallery until the end:,29307,1725413_1554952,00.html 

Part 3:

Answer the following questions using what you learned from the two links. Make sure to answer in at least three complete sentences with specific details.

  1. Describe the photo in the photo gallery that showed how Muslims demonstrate worship. Don’t forget to include the title of the photo and give a description of what is going on in the photo.
  2. Briefly describe the five pillars.
  3. When should a Muslim take Pilgrimage?
  4. What are three ways a Muslim can give alms to the poor?

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