the Hindu Thugs Islamic Assassins and Jewish Zealots writing assignment help

reply to this discussions posted from a student with a few sentences:

1. I chose to summarize the Hindu Thugs, Islamic Assassins, and Jewish Zealots.  One main similarity these groups shared was that they believed in some type of higher reasoning that authorized them to commet their acts, either political or religious.  The Thugs believed they needed to murder in order to keep the universe in balance, which a “Goddess” Kali dictated. The Assassins, like some Islamic groups today, killed for religious reasons.  The Zealots were more of a revolutionary group, and strived to rid their land of the Romans.  The Thugs counted on a more clandestine approach to their operation, in order to maintain solidarity and keep their cause operational as long as possible.  However, the Assassins and Zealots were more publicly open with their attacks and killings, in order to promote fear in their enemy.  The Thugs believed that their victims were actually benefiting from their death, while the Assassins and Zealots were fighting enemies.

In our text “The Mystery of The New Global Terrorism:  Old Myths, New Realities”, Michael Stohl explains that in the past, state terrorism had been the result of far more causalities them global terrorism.  He states “few incidents of global terrorism in the past actually ended with deaths”.  No fatality or single person death incidents accounted for almost 94% of all global terrorists acts within the 30 years before 9/11.  Because of this, experts did not predict such a large scale attack like 9/11 would happen on U.S soil.  They assumed terrorists would just continue to commit smaller scale attacks on Americans overseas. This is one of the reasons why although relevant Intel was present, security on the homeland was laxed and not prepared for an event like Osama Bin Laden orchestrated.


The three religious terrorist’s groups that I think are easy to compare are the Muslim al-Qaeda, the Christian Spanish Inquisition, and the Jewish Zealots-Sicarii.  All of these groups are known for causing terror and chaos in our history.  Al-Qaeda has taught us only 15 years ago how a few religious extremists caused the death of thousands innocent people’s lives when they attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  These extremists are blowing themselves up in the name of Islam.  The Christian Spanish Inquisition was a terrorist group in the fifteenth century established by the Pope.  These radicals tortured and burned thousands of Jews.  Thousands of Jews were kicked out of Spain because they refused to be baptized.  And last, the Jewish Zealots-Sicarii was a religious terrorist group who were interested in murdering Muslims and Christians.  Not only they assassinated innocent people, they also openly slaughtered prisoners.  They committed these acts on the most holy days to gain maximum publicity.

“There are relationships between changes in technology and changes in terrorist activity, but they have not been seriously studied.”  According to the above comparison which presents terrorist groups from different years, there is a relationship in the way terrorists carry out their attacks. 

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