The Following Data Gives The Weight For 8 Corn Cobs Which Were Produced Using An

The following data gives the weight for 8 corn cobs which were produced using an organic corn fertilizer:

212, 234, 259, 189, 245, 176, 203, 215

a) For this sample of n = 8 observations, obtain the mean, the median, the interquartile range and the standard deviation

b) Among the four statistics from part a, which are measures of central tendency and which are measures of dispersion?

c) Are there any outliers in this sample? If so, which values are outliers?

d) Produce a quantile-quantile plot for these data. Is it reasonable to assume that the weight is normally distributed? Explain.

e) Give a point estimate for the mean weight of the population and the standard deviation of the estimate.

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