Texas Politics political science homework help


I got to do the extra credit of Texas Politic. the question is:

Discuss the key elements of the political culture in the state of Texas-as outlined in class. Why do you think Texas developed this unique political culture? What aspects of the culture do you find to be the most and least attractive and why?

Value: Students that meet requirements will have up to an additional 10 points added to Exam 1.

Due date: Thursday, October 6 by 5:00PM (CST) in the Blackboard dropbox. I have created a tab “extra credit” where you go in, click the link, and attach your assignment.

Style and requirements: 2-5 pages in length, double-spaced, citations are not required, but if used, must be properly cited using APA format. Please submit using a PC-based file extension, such as RTF, word, etc.

Grading Rubric:

10 points- outline all key elements of TX political culture

5 points- discuss the development of TX political culture

5 points- discuss and analyze positive and negative aspects of TX political culture

I am international student, I want my work seem be easy to understand.

I really hope that i can get maximum grade in this time cause I got really low grade in this exam. 

I need it in 48 hours.

Please Pm me if you can help. Thanks you so much!

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